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Our Mission

To ensure that your venue provides the most value to your customers by providing them with a convenient charging solution when they need it the most. With our portable battery packs your customers can charge their favorite electronic devices at an affordable cost wherever they are whenever they want.

Our battery packs are dispensed fully pre-charged, are easy to use, and have built-in cables compatible with most smartphones and tablets. Our state of the art kiosks have a modern design, a small footprint, and a large built-in LCD screen to display your or your sponsors’ customized advertisements.

Our kiosks will provide a better overall experience for your customers without any investment or risk from your part. Partner with Chargerent™ and let us handle your customers’ “low or dead battery anxiety” while attending your venue by providing them with a cost-effective portable charging solution.



Our Kiosks

Sleek modern design

Touchscreen UI

Small footprint

Accepts major credit cards

Fully customizable

Our Chargers

Sleek, light, and thin design

Comes fully charged

Charges most phones 2X

Built-in lightning and micro usb cables

(compatible with 95% of the phones)


Our Featured Partners

We are proud of our venue partners and are always looking for new partnership opportunities globally.

Mammoth Mountain Westfield Aventura LA Convention Center Westin Monache Bicycle Casino Aguacaliente Spa Casino Sheraton San Diego Marina

Our Locations

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If you would like more information on placing one or more of our automated Chargerent™ kiosks in your venue, or would like to inquire about current partnership opportunities please fill out the form below.

About Chargerent™

We are a Southern California based company that provides automated cashless kiosks to rent portable battery packs for your venue so that your guests are never without the ability to charge their favorite devices on-the-go.

Chargerent™ kiosks are designed for a variety of venues such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, convention centers, hospitals, attraction parks, street festivals, and major transportation centers throughout the world.

Our Advantage

  • Give your guests the freedom to charge their favorite devices on the go
  • Enhance customer experience and increase customer retention by allowing them to stay connected and content
  • Limit your liability and increase productivity by not handling customer devices
  • Generate additional revenues by receiving a percentage a of each transaction
  • Relief yourself from maintenance and customer service issues. We provide all the maintenance and customer service support.

Contact Info

USA: 844-624-2743
Canada: 647-556-5323 ext.104
France: 04 83 58 01 44